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Paradise Yoga
Paradise Yoga

Corporate Yoga and Wellness Mini Retreats

Just 45 minutes from Sydney’s CBD, overlooking Pittwater from beautiful Avalon, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Imagine rewarding your hard-working employees by allowing them an entire afternoon to unwind, rejuvenate, and revitalise at a Corporate Yoga and Wellness Half-Day Retreat, right here in Sydney.

In just one afternoon, you can:

    • Elevate your team’s productivity 
    • Boost their individual performances
    • Foster team bonding
    • Reduce sick leave 
    • Reward the hard work and dedication of your employees

The magic begins as soon as they arrive at Paradise Yoga.

They will step into a world of tranquility, as they enter the carefully curated retreat space. Nestled amidst an ancient gum forest, it provides the perfect backdrop for a blissful escape from the hustle and bustle of the office. From the moment of arrival, the sounds and smells of Pittwater will envelop them, creating an atmosphere of calm and serenity.

Corporate Yoga Retreat in Sydney
Corporate Yoga Retreat in Sydney

Their transformative experience continues with: 

    • A stress-management workshop (which can be tailored to their needs)
    • Three yoga classes, adapted to suit the individual needs of each staff member
    • Meditation and mindfulness practices
    • Tea and snacks (and, depending on the time of day, lunch can be included at an extra cost)
    • Accessible and practical stress-management techniques to take back to the office

All sessions are designed to release tension, increase focus and promote a sense of overall well-being.

Previous yoga experience is not necessary.

No particular fitness level is required.

Anyone can attend these workshops (even people who’ve never done yoga or might never have considered it. The emphasis is on stress-management, rather than physical prowess.)

Numbers are strictly limited to seven. This is so that the experience can be personalised. If you have eight or more in your group, contact me to discuss hosting different groups across different days.

Half-Day Program

This is the program for a corporate yoga retreat:

  • 1.30pm – Arrival and Welcome
  • 2.00pm – Stress Relief Workshop
  • 2.30pm – Hatha Yoga (inc. stress management techniques)
  • 3.30pm – Yin Yoga (ditto)
  • 4.30pm – Yoga Nidra (this whole section is a stress management technique!)
  • 5.15pm  – Close
  • 5.30pm – Finish

A Paradise Yoga Corporate Retreat is just the ticket to switch off from the busyness of my job!

Debbie N., Vice President, Swiss Re

As soon as I walked through that Owl Door, the stress of the previous week was gone.

Anna T., Senior Case Manager

Corporate Yoga Retreat in Sydney
Corporate Yoga Retreat in Sydney
Corporate Yoga Retreat in Sydney

Why choose Paradise Yoga?

Paradise Yoga is run by me – Claire. I approach these Corporate Yoga and Wellness Days with two distinct sets of life experiences.

Firstly, I spent nearly two decades working in a corporate environment in Sydney. I navigated my career fairly well in this fast-paced world, filled with intense pressure and looming deadlines.

But, back then, stress was my constant companion. It had become so familiar to me, I didn’t even recognise it.

From the outside, everything looked great.

But on the inside was a different story. I felt trapped. I was tired, aching and stressed. I was taking more and more sick leave, and spent my days dreaming of how to escape. My productivity was down. I felt disengaged from the business and its results.

And then I took up yoga. 

The change wasn’t immediate. But within a few weeks, the tension in my jaw had softened. Over time, I noticed other benefits – particularly in my energy levels and ability to handle stressful situations, especially at work. The more yoga I did, the better I felt – off the mat, as well as on it.

I knew there had to be more to this story, so I eventually enrolled in a Yoga Teacher Training course. My specific intention was to learn more about how and why the practice of yoga could make this corporate stress-head feel better.

That was eight years ago.

Since then I’ve taught around 2,000 hours of classes and workshops, mostly focussed on how we can use the tools of yoga to improve our everyday lives, reduce stress and increase contentment.

I’ve opened my own studio – Paradise Yoga – in the back garden of our Avalon home.

I’ve taught yoga and stress-management, to all sorts of people, from all walks of life, in all sorts of settings. From uni students to CEOs, actors and lawyers; even other yoga teachers. 

I’ve worked with people of all flexibility and mobility levels, with all sorts of injuries and challenges. For example: Traumatic Brain Injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neurone Disease, Arthritis, Cancer, Anxiety, Grief, PTSD, broken arms, dislocated shoulders, joint reconstructions, whiplash, vestibular and sensory-motor challenges including vertigo, ballroom dancing injuries (yes!) and lots lots more.

I have taught many people who have no experience (and – especially in a corporate setting – often very little interest!) in yoga.

But everyone leaves feeling lighter and more refreshed than when they arrived. And many people leave with a new-found interest in the possibilities that yoga offers them in terms of stress management.

The key is that I don’t just teach yoga. 

I teach people how to use the tools of yoga, to improve the quality of their day-to-day lives and reduce stress – not just in the yoga studio, but when they get back to the office.

If you are keen to support the wellbeing of your employees, a stress-management yoga retreat right here in Sydney is the best way to do it!

What’s Included

  • Stress Relief Workshop – with a focus on how to use the tools of yoga to break the stress cycle
  • Hatha Yoga Class – gentle movement – suitable for complete beginners, adapted to suit the needs and abilities of your staff
  • Yin Yoga Class – deep stretching – suitable for complete beginners, adapted to suit the needs and abilities of your staff
  • Yoga Nidra Class – a sleep-based relaxation exercise, which gives the same restorative benefits as three hours of deep sleep
  • Tea and Snacks – on arrival, and at the end
  • Lunch – this can be included at an extra charge – contact me to discuss

Prices and Booking

  • $997 for up to four people
  • $239 per person thereafter

Morning progams (9.30am – 1.30pm) are available on Mondays and Tuesdays. 

Afternoon programs (1.30 – 5.30pm) are available on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays.

Weekends can be arranged with enough notice, depending on the exact dates you have in mind

Corporate Yoga Retreat in Sydney

Ever since my company sent me on this corporate wellness retreat, I’ve experienced considerably less stress-related back pain when working from home. It’s like magic!

Alison T, Director of Procurement, NicholsCorp

I only wish Paradise Yoga was closer to my office so I could benefit from these classes more often!

Sherrie L. Senior Learning Designer, Macquarie University

Terms and Conditions

  • Corporate Half-Day Retreat minimum: Two (2) attendees. The price for four (4) attendees applies, even if less than four (4) are booked in.
  • Corporate Half-Day Retreat maximum: Seven (7) attendees. Contact me if you have eight (8) or more.
  • Dietary / Allergies: Please advise at time of booking
  • Lunch: Can be included at an extra cost – contact me for pricing. If you book a morning session including lunch, the day will run from 9.30am – 2.30pm. If you book an afternoon session including lunch, the day will run from 12.30 – 5.30pm. Longer sessions including lunch may not be available on all dates – contact me to discuss.
  • Payment: All Corporate Mini-Retreats are to be pre-paid in full at the time of booking.
  • Cancellation Policy: Any bookings cancelled within twenty-one (21) days of event date will incur a 50% cancellation fee. Any bookings cancelled within seven (7) days of event date, and including no-shows, will incur a 100% cancellation fee. No refund will be given for any un-used services or early departures. An administration fee of $10 will be applied per person to all cancellations.
  • No Shows: No refunds will be given.
  • Late Arrivals: Participants are encouraged to arrive 10-15 minutes before the scheduled start, to allow time for settling in. This ensures we can start and finish on time. If any member of the group is late arriving, they will miss the start of the program. If the entire group is late, the program will be condensed, and will still finish on time.
  • Age / Ability Restrictions: Minimum age is 18. There is no maximum age. In terms of the yoga itself, all abilities / capabilities / flexibilities are welcomed, and will be accommodated. However, there are around 50 steps to get down to the studio, which may not be suitable for everyone. Please take this into consideration when making a booking.
  • GST: Paradise Yoga is not currently registered for GST.
  • Address: Will be provided upon receipt of full payment. The studio is located in Avalon Beach, Sydney – 45 minutes from the CBD.
  • Parking: Street parking is available. Please be respectful of neighbours. Please don’t park in our driveway.
  • Changing Facilities: There is a single bathroom, which can be used for getting changed.
  • Respect: Please advise your staff that the yoga studio is in the back garden of my home, and to behave accordingly.

Claire is an amazing teacher, very easy to connect with and down to earth. The space she has created is a beautiful, peaceful intimate studio. I could not recommend her classes highly enough.

Caitlin Sullivan

Talent Director, One Management

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