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Paradise Yoga
Paradise Yoga

Deep Yin


Discover the profound practice of Yin Yoga – a serene journey into the depths of inner stillness and relaxation. These workshops are usually held quarterly, on Sunday afternoons. 
About Deep Yin
Unwind your body, calm your mind, and delve into the soothing world of Deep Yin. This workshop is an invitation to explore the transformative power of Yin Yoga, a gentle yet powerful practice that allows deep stretching, along with a sense of profound relaxation and introspection.
What To Expect:
  • Deep Exploration: Immerse yourself in long-held, passive poses designed to release stress and tension
  • Immersive Practice: Engage in slow, deliberate movement, with the option to wear a blindfold to enhance the experience
  • Delicious Quietness: Minimal talking and external distraction for maximum enjoyment
Who Can Attend:
  • Anyone who is fairly familiar with the practice of Yin Yoga. By that I mean, you have experienced the key features (slowness, stillness, sensation, rebound), and understand that the feeling is more important than the appearance.
  • Even better if you know some of the poses by name; understand the difference between good and bad pain; and know how to adapt poses to suit your body.
  • As long as you tick some (or all) of the above points, then this workshop is ready to meet you where you are. 

What To Bring:

  • No need to bring anything. I provide it all. 
  • Wear loose, comfy clothes – with layers for cooler weather. 

Bookings: There is limited space available, bookings are absolutely essential. Click the button below to book. 

Canx policy: Please click here for details on the cancellation policy and other small print. 

Zen Sessions
Zen Sessions

Upcoming Deep Yin Workshops

Sun 28 Jul, 2-5pm

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