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Paradise Yoga
Paradise Yoga

Deep Yin


Deep Yin is Yin with a twist. These sessions are only open to those fairly familiar with the practice of Yin Yoga, and the way I teach it.

These sessions have three special features:

  • Long: The poses will be even longer than we do in regular classes, anywhere up to five, ten or even fifteen minutes (although, as always, you choose when to come out)
  • Dark: The practice will be done blindfolded (to help you really drop in)
  • Silent: There will be minimal talking from me (although enough to get you into the pose!)

These factors will allow you to experience Yin Yoga in a much deeper way than ever before.

What do I mean by “fairly familiar” with the practice of Yin Yoga? 

Well, ideally, you know many of the Yin poses by name, or description. You understand the concept of target areas. You understand the difference between good and bad pain. You know how your body responds to Yin poses. You have a sense of how to adapt the poses to suit you. You know what Rebound is. 

And, ideally, you’re familiar with my method of teaching it.

Really, if you feel ready to give it a go, knowing that you won’t be able to see me demonstrate, and that I will give minimal instruction, then you’re ready for Deep Yin! 

There is limited space available, bookings are absolutely essential.


Zen Sessions
Zen Sessions

Upcoming Deep Yin Workshops

Sun 15 Oct, 2-5pm

Sun 10 Dec, 2-5pm

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