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Paradise Yoga
Paradise Yoga

Deep Yin


Deep Yin is Yin with a twist. These sessions are only open to my my long-time and experienced Yinsters, and have three special features:

  • Long: The poses will be even longer than we do in regular classes, between five to 15 minutes each  
  • Dark: The practice will be done blindfolded
  • Silent: There will be minimal talking from me

These factors will allow you to experience Yin Yoga in a much deeper way than ever before.

Experienced Yin Students Only

  • Practising with me for a minimum of six months (regularly)
  • Understand how and why we practice Yin Yoga
  • Know how to adjust yourself if something doesn’t feel right.

At the start of the session, I will let you know what poses we have ahead of us, and remind you of how to do them. That way, you won’t be panicking behind your blindfold trying to remember the difference between Sleeping Swan and Drunk Flamingo!

Of course, you can remove the blindfold at any time, and if you have questions I will come over and help you quietly.

The combination of long-held poses, introspection and silence will take you to whole new levels of Yin Yoga that you never knew were possible!

There is limited space available, bookings are absolutely essential.


Zen Sessions
Zen Sessions

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