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I’m so pleased with how well we’ve all taken to doing yoga by Zoom 🙂

But, inevitably, questions have arisen.

So, I’ve created a quick-reference FAQ guide…

I already have a 10-pass with you. I’m trying to book a live-stream class and it’s asking me to pay.

Yes that’s right. To make this whole thing accessible, and because we’re all a little worried about money these days, I’ve made the live-stream classes cheaper. So your old ten-pass will not allow you to book a live-stream class.

You old ten-pass never expires anyway, so any credits you have there will be waiting for you on the other side.

You will need to buy a new single class, or a new pass, specifically for live-stream classes. Single classes are $15; a five-pass is $70; and a ten-pass is $140. If you have credits left when this all ends, I will figure out how to get those credits back to you…

I booked a live-stream class, but now I can’t come.

No stress, even in a pandemic we can get double-booked! You have three options:

  • Cancel your class in the normal way, and you will get a refund / credit. You must do this more than 30 mins before the class, otherwise you will not get a refund/credit (note: in the real world, you must cancel more than 2 hours before, but for now it’s more than 30 mins).
  • Transfer your booking to another time.
  • Leave your booking as is, and I will send you the recording of the class. You will have around 24 hours to view this recording.

Not sure how to cancel or transfer? Check out this handy guide.

The news is saying Zoom is dangerous. Should we stop using it?

Hmmm. I’d say stop listening to the news, as a first step.

However, It seems to be that the main concern is Zoombombing. Don’t know what that is? Google it.

To allay your concerns, our meetings are protected by a Meeting ID and a Password. Only people with that info can join in. So in order to prevent anyone else Zoombombing us, just don’t share the Meeting ID and Password with other people 🙂 Simple!

All of your videos are set to “off”, so no-one can see you.

Other than that, I think we’re good… And we pretty much have no other option right now! If you’re still concerned, then Zoom is not for you at this time – I’ll see you in real life on the other side!

I want to buy a pass, but don’t want to book five or ten classes in advance.

When you buy a pass, the system does make you book ONE class. It’s the way it works, and I cannot change it. (NB It’s not my booking system – I wish I had the skills for that! The system is called Bookwhen, and I pay a monthly subscription for it!)

However, you do not have to book all of the classes. Just book your first one whilst buying your pass. You can book the others as and when you please.

I booked in but couldn’t attend the class. You sent me the recording, but I didn’t have time to watch it before it expired. Can I get a refund or credit?

In all honesty, the answer to this is no.

I have tried to set this up to be as fair as possible to everyone, including by making the classes cheaper and by making them available to watch after the fact.

In real life, if you missed a class, you would not be eligible for a refund. Plus, processing manual refunds is quite admin-heavy for me.

And, I’m not in this game for the money (trust me!). I’m in it because I love yoga and I want to share it with you. I want you to commit a little bit of time to being kind to yourself with yoga 🙂

How do I get access to the recorded live-streams?

Book yourself in to whichever class/es you like.

You will get an invite to the meeting (as if you were going to come in real time) – which you can ignore if appropriate.

A few mins after the class, you will get another email with the link to the recording.

How long are the recordings available?

I’ve said they’re available for 24 hours, but in some instances they may be available longer.

I shall not bore you with the reasons for that – so use 24 hours as a guide.

I am totally confused as to how to use your booking system!

No stress. I have created this handy document to help you out! Why not print it and keep it somewhere safe?

And it’s also available on the timetable page of the website.

If you have gone through all of that and are still stuck, send me screenshots of your precise problem (telling me “it’s just not working” isn’t enough for me to be able to help you!) and we will figure it out together.

Wouldn’t it be better if we all had our videos on?

Alas, this uses up way too much bandwidth. I attended a live-stream class with another teacher this morning, and all participants had their videos on. It crashed about ten mins in, and took a good ten mins to sort it out.

Besides, my laptop is too far away from my mat for me to be able to see you in detail on the screen anyway.

I had a problem during the class, but I was muted so I couldn’t tell you about it.

If you have a problem in a pose, or a question about a pose OR the audio / video fails, please feel free to UNMUTE yourself and talk to me.

You are only muted so that we eliminate all the background noise. Not because I don’t want to hear from you 🙂

Why aren’t you playing music like you usually do?

Aside from bluetooth and sound issues, the main reason is to do with music rights. I would be considered a broadcaster of music, and would have to pay for the right to play the music.

The solution? Play some music at your end. You’re all muted, so there won’t be conflicting sounds coming out. Check out this blog post I wrote about my fave music options

I booked into a class, but didn’t get the email with the Meeting ID and Password

The email with the Meeting ID and Password will come around 30 mins before the class time. This is to give most people a chance to book in, so I only need to send one email out.

If you don’t see it, first check your spam folder, and refresh your emails.

If it’s still not there, SMS me on 0439 419 211 (I don’t tend to check my emails when I am preparing for a class, so text is better).

If you booked in to the class at the last minute – there’s a good chance I didn’t see your booking, and so wouldn’t have included you on the email. Text me to let me know, and I’ll give you the details.

Please do try to book at least 30 mins before the class time, to avoid this situation.

I live overseas and love your classes. Will you carry on live-streaming when this is over?

Great to hear you want to carry on with the classes!

I probably won’t live-stream the classes when we’re back to normal. It’s pretty clunky, and besides, you should see my studio right now. It’s full of cables, lights, cameras, tripods etc – I wouldn’t be able to fit the students in!

However, I have had this request quite a few times…

So just for you special people, I will use this time to pre-record lots of full-length classes (as opposed to the shorter ones I have up on YouTube).

I will then set up a subscription service, whereby you pay a small monthly fee to get unlimited access to a large number of pre-recorded, full-length classes.

It looks like I am going to have plenty of time to work on this (!!) so you can expect there to be plenty of videos up there!

And when we are back to normal, I will continue adding new full-length classes, so you will have unlimited access to new classes forever more!

(On the other hand, you could just move to Avalon… It is Paradise, you know 🙂 ) 


OK well hopefully that covers it for now. If you have any further questions, leave a comment below.

Thanks for your patience, and for working this out together with me.


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