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Rediscover Your Inner Paradise
with a One Day Relaxation Retreat

Avalon Beach in Sydney Australia

If you’re ready to slow down, calm your nervous system, re-energise your body and soul, and learn how to move through life with confidence, joy and ease, then join me for this peaceful retreat at Paradise Beach, one of Sydney’s best-kept secrets.

Sunday 10th Mar 2024

Sunday 19th May 2024

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Stepping through the stunning Owl Door to meander down through the lush bamboo, past the edible garden and native plants, you are immediately transported to Paradise.

You pause a moment to take in the sparkling views of Pittwater, listening to the laughs of the kookaburras and the symphony of the cicadas.

Before you have even arrived at the studio, your senses are alive – the scent of the gum trees, the warmth on your skin, the sounds of nature everywhere.

Sipping on a fresh juice, gazing out at the magnificent view, you breathe out deeply as you realise that today is your day, a day curated just for you, a day to unleash the vibrant being inside that’s bursting to shine.

How would it feel to be calm, centered and able to easily navigate the challenges of day-to-day life?

Incredible, of course! On this retreat you’ll learn simple techniques to calm the nervous system and increase your ability to deal with stress, not just for the day but every day for the rest of your life!

Wouldn’t it be luxurious to stop for a while and slow your thoughts down?

For sure! While we’re together in one of Sydney’s most peaceful spots, you’ll spend a whole day surrounded by nature, where you’ll learn how to soothe your busy mind, leaving you more present and able to enjoy every aspect of your life!

What would it be like to spend an entire day just on yourself, without worrying or feeling guilty?

Gorgeously liberating, right? During this day you’ll absorb the ancient secrets of yoga that will allow your natural self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth to blossom so you’ll be luxuriating in life’s little pleasures for years to come!

PLUS you’ll discover how:

  • Slow and gentle yoga will soon have you feeling comfortable and confident in your body, for now and forever
  • Yin yoga will help your body to heal old injuries, and relieve aches and pains, so you’ll be moving through the rest of your life with joy and ease
  • Learning to move with your body as it is right now, increasing circulation and releasing emotions as you go, will have you not only connecting to your body at a deeper level but starting to respect and even love it as you never have before!

And don’t forget, the medicine of simply being in the forest (forest bathing) will rejuvenate and restore you for years to come!

By far the best yoga class I’ve ever been to. Nothing beats holding poses while listening to the waves and laughing Kookaburras. Claire was an amazing teacher and made my boyfriend feel completely at ease as it was his first time. Couldn’t recommend enough! 100% must do if you’re in the area.
Sophie Beaumont

Mmmm. Yes, please!

The Venue

At Sparkling Pittwater, you’ll find yourself nestled between Australia’s second oldest national park and the charming Northern Beaches peninsula. Here, draped in bushland featuring an ancient spotted gum forest and peppered with the sounds of laughing kookaburras, you’ll revel in all the sights, sounds and sensations of one of the most stunning places on earth, nestled just an hour north of Sydney’s CBD.

Your day in Paradise, on the eastern foreshore of Pittwatter, will see you luxuriating under the sub-tropical canopy of blue gums, jacarandas and figs.You’ll drink in the sweeping views of Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, from Scotland Island in the south to Portuguese Beach in the north.

Before attending Claire’s yoga retreat, I had been running on adrenaline for several weeks, suffering from work stress plus managing two small kids at home. I actually requested this one-day retreat as a treat from my hubby for Mothers’ Day as I really needed the time out from work, home and the to-do list! I had practised yoga before, but had always treated it as more of a physical exercise than anything else; something to get good at.

However, spending the whole day in the company of Claire really saw me slow down and enjoy the practice in a way I never had imagined possible. It really got me on a mental and emotional level, and I luxuriated in the enjoyment and relaxation of it all!

By the end of the session, I felt quite lethargic, almost sedated. However, a couple of days later (still feeling the effects!) I realised that much of the adrenaline had left my system, and that I was returning to normal – that this was how normal actually feels! I am happy to say, two months on, that I have not gone back to relying on adrenaline and am able to have a lot more choice in balancing my commitments and relaxation time.

Abigail Couchman

Pretty Beach, NSW, Australia

Update, three years down the track: Abi has quit her corporate career and re-trained as a yoga teacher, sharing her love of this ancient practice with other stressed-out corporate mums. Way to go, Abi!
The studio itself is a hidden gem, tucked away from the world behind a secret door. Stepping through the door, you are instantly transported to another world. Meander slowly through the lush bamboo, edible garden and aromatic plants before pausing to take in the 180 degree views of Pittwater that open up in front of you. Just a few more steps and you’re at the studio, a cleverly-designed space that blends contemporary style with a relaxed atmosphere – the ultimate place for exploring yoga in peaceful surroundings.

Wandering further down the garden and you may discover a quiet meditation spot, a busy beehive, a sensory garden or even a secret path to a secluded beach (one of Sydney’s best-kept secrets, shhhh don’t tell anyone else!).

Pittwater features a number of steep landscapes, and so access to Paradise Yoga is down around 50 steps – just so you know!

I'm ready for a slice of heaven!

The Food

You’ll swoon over the scrumptiously delicious plant-based delights on offer at this retreat! Rediscover the taste of real food, most of it picked that morning from our very own chemical-free permaculture garden or locally sourced from the nearby organic market.

Our official retreat chef, Matt Pellett, designs each menu from scratch, focussing on seasonal availability, nutritional value and – most importantly – mouthwatering flavours. (Plus, he’s a whizz at accommodating all sorts of dietary requirements, so no need to worry that there will be something you can’t eat!).

On arrival, you will be presented with a steaming cup of freshly picked lemon balm tea, along with a miniature seasonal fruit plate.

Later, you’ll feast on a delectable lunch either seated amongst the edible gardens, gazing at the sparkling view or perhaps even taken down to our secret little beach… Indulge yourself with our spicy sweet potato and green rice burrito bowls, or dip into our lush roasted vegetables. And try resisting our ever-popular French lentil salad (trust me, you’ll be asking for the recipe!).

Mid-way through the afternoon, you’ll enjoy some more warming tea (perhaps you even helped to pick the leaves!) along with a hand-made date and coconut truffle to see you through the day.

Mmmm, it’s enough to make you want to come back for more!

The Delights

Perched on rare convict sandstone, seated around our fire pit, with a warming cup of tea in hand, the delights of the day ahead will be revealed to you.

Basking in quiet moments of meditation. Listening as the sound of rustling bamboo tickles your ears. Relishing the time and space to sigh out all your worries. Gazing peacefully across at the unmissable views. Bathing your soul in the healing vibrations of the ancient gum trees as we go forest bathing. Tempting yourself with a stroll down a secret path to a secluded beach. Feeding your soul as you meander through the veggie patch, breathing in the scent of lemon balm, rosemary and thyme. Feeling your inner being flourish as you discover a sense of kinship and connection with others on a similar journey.

All of this will be yours (not to mention an entire day just for yourself!), and that’s before we even get started on the yoga…

What is Forest Bathing?

Go to a Forest. Walk Slowly. Breathe. Open all your senses. This is the healing way of Shinrin-yoku Forest Therapy, the medicine of simply being in the forest.

Shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing, was developed in Japan in the 1980s, and has become a cornerstone of preventive health care and healing in Japanese medicine. Researchers have established a robust body of scientific literature on the health benefits of spending time under the canopy of a living forest.

The idea is simple: You visit a natural area, walk through it in a relaxed way, and you will soon discover the calming, rejuvenating and restorative benefits of being surrounded by living nature.

You have always known this intuitively, I’m sure you have felt this in your body at some point. But in the past several decades there have been many scientific studies that support what you already know, and demonstrate the mechanisms behind the healing effects of simply being in wild and natural areas. For example, many trees give off organic compounds that support your “NK” (natural killer) cells that are part of your immune system’s way of fighting cancer.

The scientifically-proven benefits of Shinrin-yoku include:

  • Boosted immune system functioning, with an increase in the count of the body’s Natural Killer (NK) cells.
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Reduced stress
  • Improved mood
  • Increased ability to focus, even in children with ADHD
  • Accelerated recovery from surgery or illness
  • Increased energy level
  • Improved sleep

As a result, you will experience:

  • Deeper and clearer intuition
  • Increased flow of energy
  • Increased capacity to communicate with the land and its species
  • Increased flow of prana/life force
  • Deepening of friendships
  • Overall increase in your sense of happiness
I was fortunate to be given a one day relaxation retreat by my wife and it certainly did the trick! Claire’s studio does indeed feel like paradise, and she has plenty of tricks up her sleeve…..yoga niddra got deep into the creaks and groans, while forest bathing might sound a bit hippy but helped me go to another state. Highly recommended for the variety and quality of Claire’s instruction.
Stephen Swan

Wow, I can't wait!!!

“Each person deserves a day away in which no problems are confronted, no solutions searched for. Each of us needs to withdraw from the cares which will not withdraw from us”

Maya Angelou

What a day in paradise will do for you…

At this retreat to Paradise you will reclaim the calm, confident and vibrant person within. You’ll get ever more deeply in touch with your own true nature, revealing a woman who’s alive, and in love with herself and her own beautiful body.

Not only that, you’ll leave with life-changing tools to:

  • Learn how to calm the nervous system and increase your ability to deal with stress for decades to come
  • Discover how to feel energised and alive, approaching each new challenge with a spring in your step
  • Finally begin to feel comfortable and confident in your body, for now and forever, learning how to respect and even love it as you never have before
  • Understand that your body can heal from old injuries and relieve aches and pains, so that you can move more easily through your life
  • Restore your body’s natural ability to sleep like a baby, waking up refreshed, energised and with a new-found zest for life
  • Revel in me-time, delighting in the pleasures of slowing down and focusing entirely on yourself
  • Take pleasure in allowing your natural self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth to blossom
AND on the way you’ll have learned:

  • How to soothe your busy mind and stay present to enjoy every aspect of life
  • How to move your body in a way that honours how it is right now
  • How the simple act of breathing can reinvigorate you instantly
Paradise Yoga was such a special and totally unique experience. The class is small and suitable for all levels. It also has to be the most beautiful yoga studio in Sydney which is a serious feat!
Yasmin Howes

I'd love to go to Paradise!

About Paradise

Paradise Yoga is located in Avalon Beach on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, which is about an hour’s drive north of Sydney’s CBD (outside of peak hour).

Avalon is cherished by locals and visitors alike. It’s set on a peninsula, so we’re lucky enough to have the ocean beach and pool on one side, (great for surfing, swimming and sun-bathing) and the gentler Pittwater on the other (a superb location for, swimming, sailing, kayaking, fishing and paddle-boarding). The village has some lovely eclectic shops, a cinema and a bar, as well as some outstanding restaurants. Palm Beach, home to many of Sydney’s rich and famous, is just a stone’s throw away, and well-worth a visit.

If you’re coming from outside the area, I highly recommend you consider the option of staying overnight or longer – there’s plenty around here to keep you occupied. The area is rich in Airbnbs – I can provide a list of recommended accommodations upon request. We also have a guide to all the secret spots in the area (but you have to promise not to tell anyone else about them!).

Paradise Yoga is set on the Western side of the Peninsula, overlooking Pittwater. Be mindful that the studio is in the garden of my home, although you will hardly notice that as you soak up the expansive views! It is set on a steep site, and there are around 50 steps to get to the studio, so it’s not suitable for wheelchairs or people who struggle with steps.

Catch the B1 bus from the city to Mona Vale (last stop) and then book yourself a Keoride to get dropped off at Paradise Yoga. Or, if you’re driving, there is street parking available (please don’t park in our drive and be considerate of the neighbours) – oh, and if you park parallell to or within 3m of the double white lines in the centre of the road, you will get a ticket!

Absolutely beautiful spot for yoga! Claire is a lovely yoga teacher, so welcoming and friendly and her session was heavenly. A stunning view from the studio overlooking The Pittwater and delicious herb tea and dips on the deck after our session. Thanks Claire, we’ll be back next time we visit your little spot in paradise.
Samantha Corke

What’s Included

  • An entire uninterrupted day to yourself in Paradise (10am – 4.30pm)
  • Two juicy yoga sessions – Hatha and Yin
  • Lots of deep breathing and sighing out
  • Deliciously deep relaxations that touch the deepest parts of your soul
  • A sleep-based meditation (Yoga Nidra) that will have you floating on air
  • A backdrop of yogic philosophy and theory
  • Rejuvenation and restoration through Shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing
  • Contemplative listening and vibrational healing through a sound bath
  • A scrumptiously delicious plant-based lunch, as well as tea and hand-made snacks through the day
  • Free time / beach time
  • Lots of relaxation, some laughter and an opportunity to experience a lasting transformation in your life
  • Take-home resources to help you implement these practices in your daily life

What’s Not Included

  • Transport to and from Avalon or Paradise Yoga
  • Accommodation

Your Host ~ Claire Lane

Hey there, I’m Claire – your guide to living your most fabulous life.

Up until my thirties, I thought I was doing everything right. I had a degree, I’d travelled, I was working and making good money. I had a great social life, and had even become a step-mum to two wonderful kids.

But it wasn’t working. I felt trapped. I was tired, aching, stressed, worried I wasn’t good enough. I could see I was on a path to becoming unwell, but I had no idea what to do about it.

In desperation, and after a lot of resistance, I took up yoga. Within weeks, I’d lost the tension in my neck and jaw. I began to notice other benefits – more energy, less stress. My confidence improved, and I stopped second-guessing all my decisions. Suffice to say – I was hooked.

Fast-forward just one year after my first class and I’d quit my job and set up my own business! How’s that for transformational?!

Less than a decade later, I’m running successful programs, courses and retreats helping hundreds of other stressed-out professionals to reclaim their own inner fabulousness and zest for life! Why not join me, and transform your own life?

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