The Studio


The Paradise Yoga studio is a small but beautiful space, with expansive views across Pittwater, set in the back garden of my Avalon home.

The maximum number of students in each class is eight (more usually six) which is ideal for those who would ordinarily be nervous or anxious about entering a yoga studio for the first time (I've been there too, I know how daunting that can be - to be faced with all those limber yogis in their stylish outfits!). 

Everything you need is provided - all the mats and yoga props, water and cups, and sometimes even a lovely cup of tea after class! 

You have the choice of attending a class, a Zen Session or a One-Day Relaxation Retreat. All of these events are suitable for complete beginners, or more seasoned yogis. The emphasis in all the classes is on relaxation and stress-relief; far more than we worry about tricky poses or flexibility!

All the studio props are sourced from theOMshop - a local business which curates a collection of Australia's leading eco-friendly yoga mats and accessories. 

The studio is equipped with a stylish Dyson Hot+Cool fan to keep us cosy or cool, depending on the season, and there's also a micro-shop selling books and jewellery I love, as well as stunning candles from Candle Kiosk and beautiful hand-made eye pillows from Alkimi.

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