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Paradise Yoga
Paradise Yoga

Class Descriptions

Yin Yoga

Deep | Slow | Powerful

Yin Yoga is becoming increasingly popular, and once you’ve tried it, you’ll see why! People often say it doesn’t look like much from the outside, but when you’re in it – WOW – it’s pretty special.

In this specialised style of yoga you are invited to slow down and nourish your body and your soul. Slow yet deep; passive yet challenging, Yin Yoga allows you to connect with your body in a whole new way.

Yin Yoga goes beyond working on the muscles; instead we work on the deeper connective tissues and fascia to access and release long-held injuries, stresses, pains and tension.

Suitable for any level of experience, including beginners, and especially useful for athletes in training or recovery mode.

Hatha Yoga

Move | Breathe | Relax

Hatha Yoga has become a general term for much of the yoga taught in the West today. It combines movement, breath and meditation to work body, mind, emotion, soul and more.

The Hatha Yoga that I teach is gentle, slow and simple – no difficult contortions or poses that add any stress into the body. The gentle nature of the class is designed to help students feel rejuvenated, refreshed, energised and vibrant.

The practice works deeply on the nervous system, allowing stress and tension to be released, balance to be restored to the body and calm to the mind.

These gentle classes are the perfect antidote for a busy lifestyle, and are a great entry-level class for beginners, but are suitable for all levels of experience.

Yoga Nidra

The Anxiety Antidote

Mmmmmmm. My favourite! Yoga Nidra is a delicious sleep-based relaxation exercise, that allows you to let go in a way you may never have experienced before.

In Yoga Nidra, you will lie down and simply listen. You will be guided through a ‘rotation of consciousness’ where you notice each part of your body in a sequence, followed by some guided meditations and visualisations.

Yoga Nidra takes you into a ‘hypnagogic state’ which is somewhere between waking and sleeping. You might fall asleep, but don’t worry – you still get all the benefits of the practice.

It can have profound effects on your body and mind, and is beneficial for everyone but especially those experiencing stress, anxiety, insomnia, chronic fatigue syndrome, mild depression, PTSD, chronic pain and more.

A 20-minute Yoga Nidra is the equivalent of a couple of hours of sleep, and has been called ‘the anxiety antidote’ so it is deeply restorative.

You’ll leave floating on air.

Anyone can participate in Yoga Nidra, although those suffering severe depression or mental illness are advised to discuss with the teacher and a healthcare professional beforehand.

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