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So, we find ourselves in a completely new world, and we’re learning new skills very rapidly!

Learning how to communicate via Zoom has been top of everyone’s priority list.

And as all of my classes have now moved online, live-streamed via Zoom, I put together a handy guide for you to help you figure it out, and get the most out of it…

How To Join Me For Live-Streamed Yoga Classes

  1. Download and install Zoom 
    • For laptops, go to https://zoom.us/signup
    • For iPhones, download the “Zoom Cloud Meetings” app
    • For Android – sorry, not a clue, you’ll have to Google it!
  2. Sign up and pay for a class here (NB if you were already booked into a real-life class, skip this step)
  3. 15 mins before class – Get ready. Make a cosy space, grab whatever makeshift props you can, play some music. Open Zoom. Open the email I’ve just sent with the details on how to join.
  4. 5 mins before class – Check Zoom is open. Click “Join”. Enter the Meeting ID and Password.

And we should be good to go!


A couple of other things to note:

  • No, you don’t need to pay for Zoom. I have a Pro account, so I can host longer meetings with multiple people. Just get the free one.
  • If you were already booked in for a real-life class, you don’t need to book again. I will just send you the meeting details automatically.
  • Yes, the live-stream classes are cheaper than the real-life classes. So if you have already paid for a real-life class and attend a live-stream, I will keep a record of that and give you a credit to use at the studio down the track when this nightmare is over.
  • If you can’t remember what you were booked in for before all this started, email me at hello@paradiseyoga.com.au
  • Sound problems? Make sure the volume on your computer / phone is turned up. You may also need to go into Zoom settings and turn up the volume under “Speaker Output Level”.
  • You won’t be visible, and your sound will be muted. This means you don’t have to be self-conscious about being on camera, and also we won’t all be disturbed by your cat/dog/child/partner! Feel free to un-mute yourself at any time, if you have an issue.
  • I will not play music. It’s too hard with the tech, it wouldn’t come through that well AND there’s a rights issue with my “broadcasting” music. So grab your ipod and a speaker, and play whatever you like at your end 🙂

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